Colin Amos

Front-End Developer + Video Game Developer

Idea Webber

Idea Webber is a browser-based tool for mapping concepts and connecting ideas. Its dynamic interface allows you to develop and organize thoughts in an intuitive, visual way. It is primarily designed for desktop, but it works on mobile too.

Made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase Database, and Firebase Storage.

Video Games

I've created and released over 20 video games on, an open marketplace for independent digital creators. Most of them can be played on any desktop browser.

Made with Unity (C#) and GameMaker Studio (GML).

Small Web Apps

These include a search bar and player for YouTube videos, a search bar for Wikipedia articles, a virtual calculator, and a search engine for SpongeBob SquarePants quotes.

Made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, sometimes React, and sometimes Unity (C#).